Megan M. - "Shooting a boudoir set with Workhorse Photography is absolutely amazing. Jake gives you the royal treatment and you leave afterwards feeling like a princess. Being told told how gorgeous you are and having your makeup and hair done by a professional is a wonderful way to escape and relax for a bit. Jake is absolutely professional in every setting. He's very easy-going and fun to be around. He is an excellent choice for your first boudoir shoot if you're a bit nervous about it (I know I was).What amazes me is his natural ability to catch the beautiful patterns of light that I otherwise would not notice. I have absolutely loved all of the photos he's taken of me and my friends; I'm quite certain anyone using his services will be pleased with the results.”

Scarlette M. - "Wow! Let me tell you. My experience with Jake was absolutely fantastic. It was my first time working with him, but it sure didn't feel like it! I was immediately comfortable and so excited. He is extremely respectful, kind, and motivating. His attitude made me WANT to give my all in the shoot. Extremely professional, yet he felt like a friend! I really appreciate that he lets you see the pictures on his camera as you move through the shoot. Also, he is FANTASTIC at directing!! FANTASTIC! He knows what he is doing.
So much respect and love for this photographer! Definitely recommend, and I will definitely work with him again(:
Thank you for such a great experience!(:"

Angela F.- “I recently did an "Angelika Bathory" set with Jacob, something we had previously met and discussed with each other. Our initial meeting was very relaxed and ideas easily flowed back and forth. He made me feel very comfortable and was extremely personable and friendly, open to ideas and also showing me inspirations behind his visions. It was a very easy collaboration in which he was very welcoming of ideas and also putting his own personal twist on it. When it came time to do our first concept collaboration shoot together, I could not have been any happier. Communication pre, during, and post shoot was very prompt and open. During the shoot, he did a great job of directing to help me become a better model without making me feel awkward about what i was doing. He also was very inclusive, showing me shots after they happened and open to my feedback on if I liked or disliked it. He was very poignant and professional, and never made me feel uncomfortable, coerced, or pressured to do anything beyond my comfort and respected my boundaries. After our shoot we quickly reviewed the photos together. His turn around time with the photos was within a 24-48 hour time period, with high quality looking images. I was very pleased, and would definitely recommend him again. I am very much looking forward to future collaborations. He's the best.”

Katie C. -"When I first met Jake, I had only done one boudoir shoot before and was left wary of the experience. However, his attention to detail, awareness and concern for your comfort level, and his stellar eye for posing made my second go at boudoir a total dream come true! I saw the photos and felt to sexy and empowered! I highly recommend Workhorse Photography. Amazing photography skill and amazing onset demeanor. Couldn't ask for a better experience!"

Renae A. - “I had never done a boudoir photo shoot before and was amazed at the professionalism and attention to detail Jake showed. From renting a lovely studio and providing snacks and beverages, to the wonderful make up artist/assistant. Although I was dressed to be sexy, I never felt uncomfortable or gawked at. Jake was focused on the art of the shot and the empowerment of myself. This is what photography needs to be, empowering and able to invoke an emotion through a snap shot. Would highly highly recommend Jake's services for whatever moment you wish to capture.”

Ally J. -"Jake is an incredibly talented and beautiful human! He makes me feel more than comfortable not to mention his sense of humor always keeps the mood in the room positive ❤ good vibes always! Not to mention the photos are spectacular. If you haven't worked with Jake, please do so!

Jody W. - “Jake is a phenomenal photographer! He is exceedingly patient and kind and I felt very comfortable working with him. He takes the time to listen and communicate during a shoot, making you feel very much a part of the process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and his work to anyone, and I can't wait to work with him again.”

Grace M. -  “Very professional, open minded about the direction of the shoot, able to adapt easily and excel, very helpful and understanding. I look forward to working with Workhorse Photography again!”

Sarah F. -“Jake is so professional and extremely talented. His willingness and knowledge to direct the vision of the photo are one of a kind. I highly recommend him!”

Jennifer P. - “Very professional and precise. Maintains communication and stays very positive. Everyone should work with him.”

Penny D. - "Workhorse Photography was incredibly professional with our photoshoot. He scouted the location ahead of time and was so personable and polite while shooting. It was effortless and comfortable and the photos I received are high quality and flattering. I would definitely recommend!"

Marissa C. - "Jake is a rising star in the photography business! He makes you feel super comfortable while shooting and keeps you laughing :) Can't recommend him enough!"

Dana J. -  "Jake is amazing to work with. He he friendly and funny and is very good at helping even the most timid feel comfortable, secure, and confident while getting their photo taken. Jake has an eye for what will make an amazing looking photo and the vision to see out of the box photo opportunities that others may not see that create fantastic photos. I recommend Jake wholeheartedly!"

Elizabeth A. -  "Workhorse is amazing. His studio is warm and welcoming. Jake is so accommodating, kind, funny and VERY talented. He has a very special 'eye' for always getting your good side! No matter the context of your photoshoot, Jake will make you feel comfortable and relaxed! Very impressed. Will recommend."

Nadia S. - “Jake of Workhorse Photography is a talented photographer and an absolute professional. I especially appreciate their commitment to making you feel comfortable in a boudoir session. I've had the privilege of working with them several times and I've always been smitten with the results.”

Megan D. -”Awesome person and photographer! My favorite shoot I have ever done, I felt SO comfortable and not only were the photos fricken amazing. Highly recommend 💕”

Emily Rose K.- “Jake is incredibly professional, deeply knowledgeable in his craft, and goes above and beyond to foster a comfortable working environment. His photos are utterly gorgeous and you will not be disappointed in the end results.”

Kassie K.- “Jake Cobb is a delight and talented photographer. He never made me feel uncomfortable, and was very helpful with making my first budoir experience everything I could have ever wanted. I hope to work with him again soon.”

Micaela M.- “Very friendly, respectful, and professional. Photos came out very well. Would definitely shoot with again!!”

Kendall Z.- “No questions about safety or comfort. he makes you feel STUNNING & SO beautiful without inappropriate remarks. i have two photographers i hold super close to my heart & always refer to & Jake has always been one of them ever since I met him. his time & work flow so well together it doesn’t even FEEL like a photoshoot it’s that comfortable.”