Frequently Asked Questions:

how do i get started with my Fine Art boudoir (fab) session?

To get started with your FAB session first you will need to fill out the FAB client introduction questionnaire, after you have submitted your questionnaire you can book your free consultation with me. Once you have booked your consultation I will send you your Fine Art Boudoir Handbook that includes the experience process, package breakdowns, pricing a la carte options, and print options for your session. During your consultation we find out your expectations, your ideas, your goals and then we find the right package for you, set a date, go over the location and get down your deposit.

What should i wear/bring to my session?

Focus on tailoring your outfits to best represent the sides of your personality and sexuality we are trying to convey and portray in your story. What that means exactly will depend on how you want to express yourself during your session. Maybe that means a full set of lingerie and heels, or maybe it is a pair of your partners boxer shorts and an over sized t-shirt. You will want to bring a couple of options along with you just in case. Sometimes what we think will photograph well at home doesn't work out once we are on set, so bring back ups. 

will anyone else be around during our session?

The only people who will be present during your session will be you, me and my make up artist. I have found that if there are more people on set it can be distracting so to ensure that you are able to focus and get the most out of your experience I like to keep it to only the necessary individuals. However, if you would feel more comfortable with an escort you are allowed to bring one person along with you. Make sure they are someone who you feel comfortable with and who won't distract you from the experience.

where do sessions take place?

I currently work primarily out of my home studio in Downtown Minneapolis. But, we can shoot wherever you see your session taking place whether that is your home, a hotel, a studio or your favorite outdoor location.  

What if i don't know how to pose?

You don't need to have any experience in front of the camera before your session. I am here to be your coach and make sure you look your absolute best regardless of your body type or experience level. 

do i have to pose nude?

No, You set the parameters for your session, I leave it up to you. I do encourage being open to the idea of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a little and expanding your boundaries. Nobody grows if they never challenge themselves. But it is your decision. If you don't want to shoot nude, then we won't, simple as that. 

Do you shoot couples?

Yes I do and I would love to photograph your couples session!  

Do you shoot men?

Yes! While Women make up the majority of my work I do shoot men as well. Men deserve to feel good about themselves too!   

Are you LGBTQ/Kink friendly?

Yes! I don't judge, if you want to work with me and have a positive transformative experience then I want to work with you.

Not seeing an answer to one of your questions? Contact me and I will be happy to answer any of your other questions for you.